Before departure, Alex organised to do some scientific measurements for the CSIRO (Australia’s National Science Organisation) for their oceanographic and climate science research group.

These measurements involve deploying XBT (Expendable BathyThemograph) probes from the boat in specific areas of the ocean.  These probes measure the water temperature as they fall (as deep as 1000m!) and send the data back to a recorder on the ship via a very thin copper wire.  Alex was involved in this project when he worked at CSIRO and is pleased to be able to carry out these measurements on Rusalka.  Last night they began the first of the deployments.

Alex with probe (left hand) and launcher (right hand)

Alex designed this launch tube to allow deployment from the comfort of the cockpit!

Meanwhile, the crew continue to look forward to getting their sea legs although they are enjoying the passage.  Cheryl reported 14 dolphins playing on the bow wave yesterday!

Alex just reported in (at 5:15pm) to say that, after having to motor for much of the afternoon, they now have a 15-20kt SW wind so he and Cheryl reefed the main a bit, put out a bit of genoa, turned off the motor and set up the Hydrovane for wind vane steering.  They should have good SW-SSW winds for the rest of the day and most of tomorrow.


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