2017 and older

New Year's Eve

We'd made a long-standing promise to our friend Pam to watch the Hobart fireworks from the water with her nephew and his wife who are visiting from the US. 

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner on Rusalka in Norfolk Bay.  Quail in herb, champagne, and cream sauce with veggies and beetroot salad.  And dessert!!

Pre-Christmas getaway - “Shakedown” cruise

After many weeks of maintenance chores and getting ready for summer cruising, we finally got away for a few days to make sure everything is still working and to remind ourselves how to sail! 

More preparations

Servicing continues. It's time for a new prop shaft seal after perhaps 7 years life of the old one

Back in Kettering

Back in Kettering after a relaxed 4 1/2 motor and sail from Kermandie.


Rusalka has been with Dean Marks in Kermandie undergoing annual antifouling and other tasks in preparation for the planned trip in January. After 20 days at Kermandie, today we brought Rusalka back to Kettering.


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