After last week’s sudden postponement of the departure due to a change in the forecast weather, we found ourselves champing at the bit, ready to go, but not ready. 

While Jane enjoyed discovering a bit more of the delights of Hobart, including many wallabies, pademelons and platypuses (platypodes, to be strictly correct) at our nearby rivulet, Alex continued to find little jobs still to be done or new ones to try to fit in while he waited.


Finally, the weather is pointing toward a good departure window for this Friday, the 12th.

One good result of the delay is that the arrival port is now Bluff, only 930 nm away, shaving 300nm and about 3 days from the passage.

Unfortunately the delay means that we need to have Rusalka lifted out of the water again to do a last minute hull inspection and clean to ensure we don’t bring any unwanted pests into NZ.

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