Rusalka’s crew continue to provide me with excellent quality photos to share here. 


Today’s photos are from Jane, with more action shots of changing the jib.  This is probably the most strenuous task on the boat at the moment, as this sail has to be manually raised or lowered, working on the wet and bouncy foredeck.

In other news, the crew have deployed the rest of the XBT probes for CSIRO.  Tonight Alex will talk on HF radio to Peter Mott (Passage Guardian) and  Meri Leask of Bluff Fishermen’s Radio, seeking advice on Foveaux Strait conditions and arrival strategies.

The westerly wind, which has been blowing 15-20kts all day in Hobart, is speeding across the Tasman to catch up with Rusalka sometime tonight or early tomorrow. I blew a kiss and good thoughts into the wind and hope it will find them soon!

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