A windy weekend in Apollo Bay

Apollo Bay is a pleasant beach town, with lots of families strolling the streets, fishing, playing in the waves, and generally enjoying the weekend.

We woke up to strong easterly winds on Saturday. After bacon butties for breakfast we walked into town to look at the small Saturday morning market on the foreshore and top up on milk and eggs.  It was really too blowy to do much else so we hung around the boat in the afternoon.  Surprisingly, mid-morning a small motor boat came into the harbour through the swell – very brave! 


The wind continued through the night, but in the early hours of Sunday it suddenly went northerly, coming in strong gusts up to 45kts.  The fetch over yesterday’s swell was very confused!

Of course the northerly brought the heat (and flies) with it, so we joined the locals on the beach for a refreshing swim, before retreating to the relative cool of the boat.

The rest of the afternoon was spent not exerting ourselves too much so as not to get too hot. So apart from reading, we planned for tomorrow’s departure for Port Phillip Heads to get the timing right for slack water with perhaps a beginning of flood tide, and looked into public moorings or likely anchorages inside Port Phillip Bay where we can park for up to a week.

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  • Erika

    posted by Erika

    Tuesday, 15 February 2022 02:13

    Hello Alex & Jackie
    Thanks to an email from Vice Commodore, Mark, I've discovered your blog! Hope your circumnavigation of Bass Strait is continuing well. Pity you couldn't get ashore on 3 Hummock. It's a very diverse island, but, yes, the flies can be bad. Hope you have fair winds for the rest of your cruise.

  • Madeline Zanetti

    posted by Madeline Zanetti

    Sunday, 13 February 2022 22:00

    Hello Jackie and Alex! The area looks lovely, but the wind seems daunting. Hope you are having a wonderful time. ?

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