Away to Devonport

After countless bus trips to Launceston (one hour each way) for shopping and the chandlery we managed to finish all our jobs and decided to get away before something else broke! 

It wasn’t all work – in between jobs we enjoyed dinner on Ariel with Ian and Linda (fellow members of CYCT who unfortunately had to be towed into the Tamar after a failed starter motor and furler problems) and then pizza on Rusalka another night.  We also had a delightful encounter with a local lady, Kathryn, who invited us to dinner after striking up a conversation with us on the bus.  The locals here are very, very friendly!

On Saturday morning we topped up the fuel tank and set off on the short 4 hour run to Devonport.  Mostly motoring, but we had a lovely sail for the last hour as the sea breeze kicked in.

An interesting site awaited us in the Mersey River.  Apparently yesterday a cement carrier, Goliath, managed to hit and sink two Tasport tug boats – there’ll be some explaining to do!

We plan to stay here a couple of nights and then make our way further west before the wind picks up on Tuesday.


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