After countless bus trips to Launceston (one hour each way) for shopping and the chandlery we managed to finish all our jobs and decided to get away before something else broke! 

The next day we pressed on toward the Tamar River.  We’d been in contact with Cocomarje, another Hallberg Rassy 40 from West Australia, and wanted to meet them and see their boat before they left Beauty Point.

We woke up on Sunday, 16 Jan, the departure date for our summer cruise into Bass Strait, to warnings of a tsunami resulting from the underwater volcano eruption in Tonga. 

Home again

Saturday there was a window to get through the canal and although it meant motoring into 15-20kts of wind and 1.5-2.5m swell we took the opportunity to finally leave Orford!

We returned to Shelly Beach on Sunday and picked up the public mooring for one night of peace of mind. 

Back and forth

We had a lovely sail up to Schouten Island and anchored in Crockett’s Bay, next to Argos of Sydney

We dropped the mooring in Quarantine Bay at 7:45am on Tuesday morning and motored uneventfully to Norfolk Bay. 

Four nights and three days… We got back to Kettering on Thursday afternoon and Anna, our housesitter, drove us home so that we could pick up our car. 

Port Davey 2021

We’d hoped to set off for Port Davey in mid-January, but persistent westerly winds prevented us.  Finally, on 22 January we departed Kettering, fully provisioned and fueled, with our friend Lindsay as guest and crew.

After a long winter confined mainly to nearby waters, we decided to head off for a week or two further afield.  Friends on Sheokee decided to sail in company with us and together we set off on a fine, calm morning across Storm Bay.

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