From Rusalka:

Morning, 20 Jan. 2018. 

Settled into the routine of 3hour watches. All together for the main meal at about 6pm AEDT.

9am Fri. 19 Jan: Quite bumpy overnight. Winds 24-28kts, gusting into 30's as predicted. Seas mainly wind waves, not too bad, occasionally nasty.  Water in cockpit every now and then gets down below! 

Rusalka sailed on today, passing Tasman Island around midday in calm conditions.

The weather gods (Predictwind and MetBob) decided that there would be a good window to leave from this evening onward, so Alex and Bill brought the boat up to town from Kettering this morning, stopping to fuel up at the RYCT dock and to raise the CYCT burgee!

Alex and crew are ready to go! The boat is ready, passage planning is done and documentation is in order.  Provisions are stowed and meals are cooked, frozen, and waiting to be loaded on board.  But the weather is refusing to come to the party! 

We'd made a long-standing promise to our friend Pam to watch the Hobart fireworks from the water with her nephew and his wife who are visiting from the US. 

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve dinner on Rusalka in Norfolk Bay.  Quail in herb, champagne, and cream sauce with veggies and beetroot salad.  And dessert!!

After many weeks of maintenance chores and getting ready for summer cruising, we finally got away for a few days to make sure everything is still working and to remind ourselves how to sail! 

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