This is just a placeholder.  Judy B. and I (Jackie) are flying over to Nelson on Saturday to join Rusalka and to sail in the Marlborough Sounds.  We might not post for a few days while we get ourselves organised and provisioned, but then we'll share our pictures and stories on this blog site.  So keep watching.

I've had a phone call from Alex.  It looks like they arrived early this morning and cleared customs around 10:30am NZ time.  The photo is from Andrew Boon. I'll update when I hear more.

News flash! Rusalka can be seen passing Farewell Spit from the lighthouse webcam (just a dot on the left hand of the picture at 7:49pm): http://www.takeabreak.co.nz/webcams/126/farewell_spit_webcam

Well, the fine weather and seas have given way to give a commonly heard of introduction to NZ. What started as a beautiful early morning, sailing gracefully, by late morning we found ourselves in the midst of a mild belting.

1230 Wednesday 24 January 2018

We are closing in on our distination. We will arrive on Friday 26 Jan. Customs has been advised of ETA 1400 on 26 Jan.

Morning Wednesday 24 January 2018 (Position report to follow this afternoon)


So what do we do when we're off-watch? Well, it's hard to say, but one thing is certain, it is not boring. It's been a very good passage so far....

Sorry, no pictures from Alex today, but here is today's report from Rusalka:

Not much to report from Rusalka today. More light winds and calm seas. They finally turned the engine off again at 1pm today and are doing 6kt under full main and genoa.

ADDENDUM: 17:50 21 Jan. Ten minutes ago, just as the spaghetti bolognese was being served, we passed the halfway mark!!!

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