We had been planning a 2 week trip to Port Davey and Bathurst Harbour with our friend Lindsay, but an expired alternator meant a change in plans.  The weather in early January was too good to waste, so we decided that a jaunt closer to home would be enjoyable and more prudent with only a single small working alternator.

Christmas 2018

After one or two false starts we set off from Kettering on Saturday, the 22nd Dec.  It was a beautiful day and we enjoyed a gentle motor-sail across Storm Bay.

We’ve been following the GGR for over a year on their facebook page and website.  This solo round the world race aims to recreate the conditions of the original GGR in 1968.  There are only two “gates” in the race that the entrants have to sail through – one in the Canary Islands and one just south of Hobart.

Warning - this post is a long one! I decided to tell the whole story of our trip to Denmark in one post.

It was a long, but easy ride down from Jervis Bay to Bryan’s Corner on Frecyinet Peninsula.  Seventy-five hours of mostly motor-sailing, through easy seas with light or no winds. 

We’re on our way!  We left Newcastle at about 3pm on Wed., once the SE wind had eased, and motor-sailed through the night.

Just a short blog to say that Rusalka arrived in Newcastle at around 4 pm.  They made very good time yesterday and today with wind off the beam and a favourable current, reaching a maximum of 10.4kt over the ground!  More details tomorrow, but just a note to say all are well and enjoying a well earned whiskey.

Rusalka spent the night trying to swim upstream, with a strong current (over 3kts) against her.  It made for very slow progress.  All night the winds were strong and Rusalka was pounding and bashing her way into the wind at 6-7kt through the water, but barely 3kt over ground.  It was a very uncomfortable night for all.

Rusalka is still trudging on towards Newcastle.  While the wind is now favourable, they’ve battled a current of 2kts against them all day and so are only averaging around 4 – 4.5kts.  They are expecting the current to ease in the next few hours and are still hoping to make Newcastle on Saturday.

This is Alex's report on the events of the last two days:

How was it that we found ourselves in this storm?

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