Launceston mud break

We were assured that the berth that we were in had enough water for our 2 metre draft.  It was interesting then, to see the depth gauge reading 0 metres below the keel well before low tide.



We reckon that we’ve been wallowing in just under a metre of soft, silty mud each low tide.  No harm done, but it will be interesting to see what the bottom looks like when we get back into clean water.  The 4 metre spring tidal range here is interesting!

We’ve had a relaxing few days – shopping, going to a friend’s classical music concert, visiting the Queen Vic museum and, of course, a trip to the chandlery!  The result of which led to a splicing session when I made a few dyneema loops to attach to frictionless rings for our new boom brake setup. 

It’s been warm, but mostly pleasant here.  It’s not noisy, despite the proximity of a few restaurants and walking paths.  The noisiest entertainment has been the local naval cadet troop going through marching drills!

The beautiful Cataract Gorge!

We’ve decided to head off tomorrow morning on the 8:30am high tide.  We’ll stop at the mouth of the Tamar (probably at Beauty Point) to wait for seriously ugly East Coast Low pressure system to pass by.  Then we’ll decide where to next. 

As it may be a while before I have anything further to blog about I’ll leave you with a gratuitous picture of today’s baking effort – sourdough bread (I brought my starter with me) and ANZAC biscuits.  I’m very happy with how evenly the biscuits browned in my little oven!

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