Change of plans...

We’ve had a few days here at the Mersey Yacht Club, catching up on chores and enjoying the delights of Devonport.

Yesterday we walked to East Devonport beach, which is a rock painter’s paradise!

We’ve been watching the weather.  It’s been very changeable, with half a day of calm followed by bouts of strong easterlies or southerlies.

We mapped out a plan for the next week that would let us get from here to Stanley and then on to Three Hummock Island and on to King Island by next weekend.  It was a safe and doable plan, but just didn’t feel like it would be that enjoyable.  And the big leg to Victoria lay beyond the weather forecast range, so after a thinking about it for a few days, we’ve decided to change our destination for a different adventure.

The new plan is to go up the Tamar River all the way to Launceston over the next week.  This has been on our list of destinations for some time, but have never done that.  It should be very interesting, with tidal currents and depth restrictions giving us some challenge.  There are plenty of anchorages and pontoons to stop at along the way.  After Launceston we’ll see what the weather brings, but maybe a visit to Flinders Island before meandering back down the east coast.

I can’t say that we’re not a little disappointed, but it’s supposed to be a holiday, not a slog!  We’re looking forward to a different sort of trip – hopefully with better weather along the way.  I’ve started painting happy scenes to conjure up some pleasant weather!

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  • Anne W

    posted by Anne W

    Wednesday, 26 February 2020 03:57

    Been blowing a gale in Western Port Jackie and Alex. So maybe Victoria is not such a great sailing destination at the moment. Enjoy your much easier holiday in beautiful Tasmanian waters.

  • Lindsay

    posted by Lindsay

    Tuesday, 11 February 2020 23:43

    Enjoy the Tamar wines.

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