Rusalka spent the night trying to swim upstream, with a strong current (over 3kts) against her.  It made for very slow progress.  All night the winds were strong and Rusalka was pounding and bashing her way into the wind at 6-7kt through the water, but barely 3kt over ground.  It was a very uncomfortable night for all.

Rusalka is still trudging on towards Newcastle.  While the wind is now favourable, they’ve battled a current of 2kts against them all day and so are only averaging around 4 – 4.5kts.  They are expecting the current to ease in the next few hours and are still hoping to make Newcastle on Saturday.

This is Alex's report on the events of the last two days:

How was it that we found ourselves in this storm?

It was quite a wild night. The severe weather was a series of events beginning on Monday afternoon and finishing early Tuesday. The effect of storm meant we could not go on our planned course to Eden due to wind and wave strength and direction that persisted afterwards.

It wasn’t a very nice 24hrs for the crew of Rusalka.  Yesterday afternoon they were punching into 2.5-3m seas, making slow progress SW into 20-25kt WNW winds.  About 6pm NZ time, while having mushroom barley soup for dinner, they crossed the magical “halfway” mark of 162.05E (halfway between Nelson and Eden).

Alex sent in the text for today's blog. They're nearing the halfway mark and getting ready for tonight's bad weather.

Storm Preparations: As Rusalka charges NW trying to get out of the way of the bad weather to come on Mon/Tues, Alex and crew are doing a few things to prepare for the wind and waves. 

The topic of the messages that went back and forth with Rusalka today was “Weather”! 

Last night was still, with glassy seas. This morning there was a very slight low swell and grey skies. 

Here’s today’s report from Alex, with a few pictures:

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